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Upward Bound Success Story

I entered the Upward Bound program early by participating in the summer component at the start of my high school freshman year.  I have always worked hard because I liked the challenged, but at the same time it was without a purpose.  It was during my first summer component when I finally saw why others pushed me to strive to be the best and why my mother dedicated so much time in making me a strong young man.  Life has been everything, but easy for me and it is with that struggle that I have matured and became knowledgeable about what having an education really means, “Opportunity,” and that is what the Upward Bound program has done for me.  It has given me many opportunities and showed me what college was before I ever sent off my first college application.

The NACEE staff has pushed me to be a leader in my school, my community, and my life.  They taught me to be a versatile person and to “never just do enough to get by, but to do enough to get ahead.”  Upward Bound also provided me with work experience by allowing me to be a pioneer during the first summer that the Learn and Earn mentoring program was developed.  I worked with the Alabama A&M’s Engineering Department.  It is with this support that by the time I had graduated high school I was the SGA’s and National Honor Society’s Vice-President, Defensive Back’s captain of the football team, and an outspoken person that always made a professional impression.  Furthermore, I was honored to graduate Salutatorian and privileged to address my graduation class.

I am currently a junior electrical engineer at Tuskegee University.  I have taken those values that my mother has instilled in me from birth and implemented them at the college level.  During my first year of college, I received the honor of being named the Tuskegee University Business and Engineering (TUBE) Freshman of the Year Award and also served as a member of the SGA’s Election’s Committee.  I later became an INROADS intern and was able to earn an internship with the Boeing Company for the summer after the competition of my freshman year.  My sophomore year I became Mr. Sophomore (Sophomore Class King) and took leadership opportunity as the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Public Relations Chair.  I finished my sophomore year with one of the strongest electrical engineering GPA’s in the school of engineering.  I earned the School of Engineering Alumni Class of 1963 Achievement Scholarship during the President Essay contest.  I am currently interning with the Boeing Company for my second summer. I look forward to the new challenges and opportunities that my junior year of college will bring, but I am not afraid, in fact I am confident.  I am alumni of NACEE and the NACEE family and staff has prepared me well, so I know that this will be a great summer and my third year of college will be my best yet.

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