EOC/ Workforce Development Staff Directory

Cynthia Allen Administrative Assistant cynthia.allen@aamu.edu 256-372-4600
Tina Amerson Administrative Assistant tina.amerson@aamu.edu 256-350-6478
Darlene Arnold Administrative Assistant darlene.arnold@aamu.edu 256-259-3072
Cathy Pilgrim Counselor mary.pilgrim@aamu.edu 256-739-2382
Karlton Stephens Counselor karlton.stephens@aamu.edu 256-372-4600
Susan Stewart Administrative Assistant/Counselor susan.stewart@aamu.edu 256-372-4600
Yvonne White Staff Accountant yvonne.white@aamu.edu 256-372-4600
Pamela Woodruff Administrative Assistant/Counselor pamela.woodruff@aamu.edu 256-350-6478

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