The NACEE Construction Basic Training Program combines NCCER- certified core skills training with soft skills and life skills development so important to employers.

The Program is 16 weeks long, including three weeks of a job-site internship.  The comprehensive nature of the program makes it an effective “boot camp” that prepares those without prior construction experience to enter the industry with confidence and a readiness to perform and compete successfully for entry-level jobs or for further on-the-job training in construction trades.

Worker Recruitment

NACEE recruits prospective workers by reaching into the ranks of the unemployed and underemployed living in the local community.  Individuals may be referred by the local career centers, state department of human resources, vocational rehabilitation counselors, prison work-release rehabilitation services, housing authority officials, aged out foster care youth services or other community services.

NACEE finds individuals who are seeking an opportunity to develop the life-coping  and workplace soft skills they need to achieve success and maintain employment in the competitive world of work.  Employers look for workers who can be steady, reliable, and productive workers.  Our recruitment process creates ready-to-work employees that contractors can rely on.

The Skills Ladder to Career Success

NACEE schedules and coordinates the training while providing life skills training, mentoring and counseling to help individuals develop he foundation for success in the work world.  NACEE layers soft skills development on top of life skills to develop the traits desired by employers to operate and sustain successful businesses.

For the construction industry, NACEE creates skilled entry-level workers by coordinating National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) standardized skills training along with OSHA-certified safety skills, life skills, and soft skills to create reliable and punctual workers with critical-thinking skills and job site team-orientation.

NACEE personnel guide the trainees up the steps of the Skills Ladder to Career Success. Successful achievement of these skills is rewarded through industry-recognized certifications.  The various skills of the Skills Ladder are:

Successful Employability Skills

Basic Trade Skills

Worksite Safety Skills

Essential Soft Skills

Critical Life Skills